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July 11, 2008 – April 19, 2009


Man is a weather-sensitive creature: when the sun shines, we are happy; when skies are grey, we fall prey to melancholy. We let the breeze caress our skin, but we’re scared of lightning and thunder. Weather is inseparably linked to our emotions, experiences and memories. But what was once an innocent question — “What the weather will be like tomorrow?” — is now a vital one. The public discussion of the causes and consequences of global climate change has already changed our day-to-day lives. Could the storm predicted for tomorrow be a portent of disasters to come?


The exhibition 2° WEATHER, CLIMATE, MAN casts a complex look at this fascinating subject. It combines media installations and interactive elements with objects from natural history and cultural history, art and science in an exciting learning experience. Visitors not only see what causes weather and how the climate works, but also gain insights into the past and present issues of climate research from the perspectives of the various scientific disciplines involved. Furthermore, witnesses of climate change from diverse regions of the earth report vividly how the changing weather is already affecting their lives today. Their examples demonstrate that climate change is a social issue, too.


Most climate experts today are worried that a rise of more than two degrees Celsius in the global average temperature over the pre-industrial level could lead to unpredictable and uncontrollable processes of climate change. In 2002 the member countries of the European Union agreed on the goal of limiting global warming to the critical two degrees by restricting CO2 emissions. We are all part of a process whose future course no one can predict with certainty. How can the global community make creative use of the existing opportunities for action? How will our lives be changed?



View of the exhibition