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Six Feet Under. <BR>Autopsy of Our Relation to the Dead

September 22, 2007 to March 30, 2008

An exhibition of the Kunstmuseum Bern


Death is a universal and very old theme in art. The history of painting is strongly linked to the idea of capturing the facial expression of the deceased, as fear of death and the inclination to see and recognise are considered as driving forces of human culture.


Two extremes are evident in contemporary art: either art reconquers the ritual, which was surrendered by religion to highly professional service providers or to the media, and restages or extends it by using its own means; or else artists bring the undesirable corpse back into our field of vision in order to show us, in an often very direct way, that the physical existence continues after death.


Six Feet Under unites works of art created specifically for this show with works from the collections of the Museum of Fine Arts Bern, along with works from other museums and public or private collections. The focus is on contemporary art from various continents, from the UK, France, Switzerland, the United States, Mexico, Japan, Indonesia or Ghana. That way, the exhibition creates historical and geographical bonds to an issue which certainly matters to all of us.



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Izima Kaoru (*1954, Japan), Kuroki Meisa wears Gucci,

2006, C-Print, Courtesy of Galerie Andreas Binder, M√ľnchen