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Evoluzione. Ripercorrendo L'odissea Della Vita

The Special Exhibition by the Deutsches Hygiene-Museum "Evolution: Tracing the Odyssey of Life"  hosted by Città della Scienza, Naples

13. October 2006 - September 2007


The project has received funding from the EU Community´s Sixth Framework Programme.


Who are we? Where do we come from? Where are we going? What answers can modern evolution research offer to these elementary questions about what it is to be human-questions that have been addressed by the religions, philosophies and literature of all cultures? The exhibition "Evolution: Tracing the Odyssey of Life" offers fascinating insights into this field of research and depicts the effects of evolution on mankind, society, and life on our planet.

From an evolutionary viewpoint, all of Earth's organisms-lichens and ladybirds, yaks and Europeans alike-share a common pedigree and a long lineage. How did the development of living things take place, starting from the primordial bacteria that must have formed on Earth over 3.8 billion years ago? Today evolutionary biologists use sophisticated methods to reconstruct these developmental paths and to find explanations for the diversity of life, of which humankind is a part.

150 years ago, Charles Darwin's discovery of the evolutionary history of life overturned the traditional view of man as the pinnacle of Creation, and redefined our place in nature. Today too, in the light of recent advances in the life sciences, evolutionary issues are once again central to our notion of what it is to be human. For Homo sapiens is not merely a product of evolution: with our scientific and technological abilities, we intervene in the process of evolution itself.

Modern and historic objects, interactive models, multimedia and sound installations invite visitors to trace and explore the secrets of life.