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ON YOUR MARKS.<br>Sports and society

16th April 2011 - 26th February 2012


In 2011, the year of the women's football World Cup, in which Dresden will be one of the match venues, the Deutsches Hygiene-Museum will devote itself to the subject of sport. The special exhibition “On Your Marks” will deal with current trends in the world of sport, and also throw a whole new light on the cultural history of movement. This exhibition, with numerous interactive elements, will appeal to spectators, athletes, and fans, as well as sport sceptics and those visitors who see sport primarily as a stage for the dominant images of the body and the changing structures in modern society. Youth and school groups will find the exhibition an excellent opportunity to explore and discuss the many different physical, social and historical dimensions of sport, movement and fitness.


Sports fascinate and move millions of people. Enthusiasm for sports overruns the boundaries between social classes as well as international borders. Sport is both play and competition; it calls for grit and fairness at the same time. It is a leisure activity that individuals do for fun; it delivers extreme physical sensations and a feeling of community. Yet at the same time, professionalization and commercialization have made sport a major, globalized industry. Moreover, sport continues to be used by political systems as a medium for self-promotion.


Sport today has long since come out of the gyms, the fields and the weight rooms to influence a large part of our everyday lives. Where will the trend towards “sportification” of our society lead? To more fair play, or to greater competition? The exhibition will address this question too.