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WEALTH - more than enough

A special exhibition by the Deutsches Hygiene-Museum

July 6 to November 10, 2013

The divide separating rich and poor is widening, and the worlds the rich and the poor each inhabit seem to have less and less in common. And yet the yearning for a life of financial plenty remains one of the mainsprings driving our actions. And that is true of both our personal lives and society as a whole. Indeed, the ancient dream of luxury, prosperity and a carefree existence is far from over.
Our special exhibition features a deadly serious satire on wealth as a fact and phantasm of our imaginations. Wealth is the subject of envy, hopes and serious conflicts. It is a driver of personal ambition and social commitment - and the expression of glaring injustices. During your short stay on board the MS Wealth you will have the opportunity to find out which aspects of wealth are connected and what problems need to be resolved if social cohesion is to be maintained. Welcome aboard!
On board the MS Wealth you will follow a course charted through many of the cabins and quarters typical of a luxury liner. And while our dream ship stands for a life of carefree luxury, it is also a symbol of society as a whole - with all its contradictions and conflicts. Find out more on board about how wealth is created, whether all is fair, and whether it makes rich people happy.

Wealth is a matter of money and big numbers. To get an idea of things, you will come across 3D statistics on board the MS Wealth - so you can get to grips with them, as it were. For example: Did you know that the harm done by Hartz-IV unemployment benefit cheats costs each taxpayer a laughable 73 cents a year while the harm caused by tax evaders amounts to EUR 1,250.-? Something's not right there - but is it the figures or something else?

Who do you think we have on board with us on the MS Wealth? A chambermaid? - Of course! A genuine pop star? - Perhaps. A patron of the arts? - Who knows! And then there's that bimbo collecting money for a good cause - how awful!!! But what would it be like to be in their shoes? In a series of short films you will get to meet some of your fellow passengers and find out what they think about wealth. All the roles were played by a single actor - Martin Wuttke - exclusively for our exhibition.

Daniel Tyradellis