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We Are Family!

An interactive exhibition for children, teenagers, and adults


A production by the ALICE – Museum for Children at the FEZ-Berlin and the Francke Foundations in Halle


29 November 2014 to 22 February 2015


With the kind support of Melitta


Free admission up to age 16



FAMILY – to most of us that means support and comfort, a place of trust and retreat. Unlike friendships and acquaintances a family is an alliance which usually lasts a lifetime. And yet there is no single notion of family that applies to everyone, nor will there ever be. Life is far too complicated for that; what’s more, circumstances and the demands we face change far too quickly. 


Which is why it is all the more important that we learn to accept the different forms of family life that exist today. It’s an idea that’s bound to be familiar to you from the friends you have. Plus it’s always a good idea to take a broader view from time to time; after all, notions of what constitutes a family are changing all over the world.


Our Exhibition Maze will acquaint you with different family models and the everyday lives of those families. They range from a family with a blind child to an extended family with lots of colourful family members to parents who come from different countries and cultural circles. Find out what constitutes your family and get involved! Family is whatever you make of it – together with your brothers and sisters, parents and grandparents, aunts and uncles, and all the others who are dear to you.




Family Theatre


Family Gallery



Photo Studio

Stress Machine

Family Garden

The Things We Don’t Talk About


White Room

Boys Only

Girls Only


My Family

The Wishing Room

The Heartbeat Family

The Rosebed Family

The Larger Family

The Younger Family

The Myriad Family

The Twofold Family

The Rainbow Family

The Tandem Family

The Hands-on Family

The Patchwork Family



The Exhibition Brochure in english.
Please click on the image to download as PDF-File