English Version of F*Kae you game

++SOLD OUT++ F*KE YOU (ENGLISH VERSION) The interactive game of truthfulness

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The interactive game of truthfulness

, Uhr


++ The event is sold out. ++ 


This event will be held in English Language! 

Duration approx. 2 hours, recommended age 16 years and older

F*KE YOU will initiate the moment of truth! An interactive event connected to the special exhibition FAKE. The whole truth – more entertaining than a pub quiz and more exciting than an escape game with music, performance and lots of discussions. How is your personal relationship to truth and fiction? A new discovery in the "Office for the Whole Truth" will put you to the test:

A strange object was discovered in a storage room of the office – wrapped up and covered in dust. Since then, some employees have complained about confusing dreams and strange noises from said storage space. In addition, the moral compass in the Office is not working properly anymore. For F*KE YOU! this object will finally be revealed - and presumably this will have consequences...

Very few people believe that a world without lies would be a better world. But which lies are acceptable? Which inevitable? Where do we draw the line? How do we calibrate the moral compass? Now it is your turn: Can you come to an agreement – or not? The participatory Performance F*KE YOU will put you to the test: Are you truthful enough or rather a friend of hypocrisy? Is your morality outside all boxes or quite mainstream? The policy will be: F*KE YOU!? 

Performance: ITCHI, Josephine Hochbruck | Music: Franz Schrörs | Concept: Jonas Klinkenberg