Eine Lupe, die in starker Nahsicht, über ein Buch gehalten wird.

Collection Online

Information for online searches

A large part of the objects in the Deutsches Hygiene-Museum’s collection is publicly accessible online via a digital platform:


  • The DHMD aspires to use non-discriminatory language. Object titles and descriptions, additional information and keywords are continuously edited and supplemented.
  • The offer is continually expanded with weekly data updates.
  • There are many different ways of searching for objects. Please note that text searches can only be made in German.
  • Using * to search for text segments can be useful.
  • The search field ‘Reprovorlage vorhanden’ provides information on the inventory of the image department.

If you have any feedback, suggestions or questions about search options, please email: sammlung(at)dhmd.de


The data (texts and images) accessible in the online collection are copyright protected. All reproduction, presentation, broadcast, linking and rental of the data without the consent of the Deutsches Hygiene-Museum is prohibited.



Translation by Stephen Grynwasser