Die Bibliothek des Hygiene-Museums. Im Zentrum des Raums sind Tische aus Holz, Lampen und  Stühle mit Lederbezug. An den Wänden stehen Holzregale mit Büchern und Zeitschriften.


Users' Information

The library of the Stiftung Deutsches Hygiene-Museum is a specialized library that has grown over time to encompass valuable old scientific collections and modern technical literature. It serves the scientific and educational work in the museum and is open to the interested public as well. The library houses approximately 30,000 media units, including monographs, journals and audiovisual media. It is being developed and maintained in keeping with the interests and nature of the Deutsches Hygiene-Museum and its exhibitions.

A few focal points of collection for our range of media:

  • Literature on the history of the Stiftung Deutsches Hygiene-Museum
  • Natural sciences
  • Health education
  • Sexuality
  • Art

You may arrange in advance to use the library's physical resources in the reading room. Work desks, a modern book scanner and a wide ranging collection of reference works are available.