Eine junge Frau und ein junger Mann stehen unter den Lichtkegeln, die den dunklen Raum durchfluten, und schauen in Tänzerpose nach oben, in die Richtung des Lichts.


Autumn 2021 to Summer 2022

Artifical Intelligence. The reorganization of the world (Working Title)

Automated decisions and machine learning based on artificial intelligence have long become an integral part of our everyday life. Face recognition or autonomous driving in traffic are examples from everyday life that are currently the subject of intense debate. What risks are associated with the use of algorithms and what potential do they offer? How do these technologies affect the right to self-determination, social justice or even geopolitical conditions? What is the relationship between the immense energy and raw material requirements of digital technologies and their real effects?  With a strong reference to everyday life, the exhibition will convey current knowledge on the application and potential further development of artificial intelligence on an area of around 800 qm. But it will also be about showing individual and political scope for creativity. The exhibition is also intended as a space for experimentation and reflection for the institution museum: How can the medium of the exhibition succeed in reflecting the technologically induced social change for a broad public?